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Nobody just happens to be a naturist. As a lifestyle—heck, even as a pasttime—naturism requires extraordinary thought, will, and connection with ourselves and the world around us. So it's no surprise that naturists, as a class, are more interesting than your, bears. Case in point:

World Naked Bike Ride - Down Under

  In Byron Bay, Australia and Tarakohe, New Zealand, residents and visitors happily...


Nude Water Volleyball International Championships

It is my somewhat sad duty to report on the TAN Naked Getaway Hinchinbrook Island Nude Water Voll...


Greek Island Naturist Travels

My wife and I spent five weeks in the Greek Islands recently, specifically Skiathos, Mykonos and ...


A Boob Job, or How I Learned To Love My Breasts

Sorry my friends, this is not about boob enhancement or cosmetic surgery. Please keep on reading ...


Naturism - Sustainable Living

Historically, naturism has offered many benefits to the world on how to live with and manage ongo...


Nude Food: Kumara Pizza and a Fizzy Bay-Breeze

OK! My fellow naked friends, time to get DRESSED—with an apron that is, just to stop t...


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